Plants Accentuate Time for Women
Comprehensive Botanical Care Series

ABOUTAbout botanischöl

botanischöl – a German word for the “plant oil”.
The concept to “extract the natural power of plants to tone the skin”, the idea common in the country of advanced organic products, Germany, is the origin of botanischöl.

botanischöl is the anti-aging cosmetics line
co-developed by LOFT and SINCERE GARDEN
for mature woman.

"Free" of following ingredients

  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×Silicon
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Paraben
  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×Artificial colors


The skin care line for mature women whose skin condition can fluctuate along the change in the environment and physical condition.
Supporting you to stay femininely and radiantly beautiful while accepting the changes.

BODY CAREbotanischöl

The body care line to support the mature skin, made generously with 16 kinds of plant oil and extract.
Experience the HAPPY feeling from plants with your five senses every time.
For mature women who live their daily lives vibrantly and unpretentiously, just like your own selves.

LINE UPMain products

öl Cleansing Milk

Completely removing makeup and impurities while leaving the skin hydrated
No need to follow with a regular cleanser

öl Oil Essence Mist

Bi-phase beauty mist of rose oil* and beauty essence
For the long-lasting hydration to leave your skin fine-textured and radiant.

Face & body oil

Melting into the skin,
it firms up and hydrates your skin.

Moisture hand cream

Leaving your hands hydrated and supple

*Hydrating agent(Rosa Damascena Flower Oil)

SHOPHandling Store

*Not available in all shops
・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


Botanishöl is launching the “öl Eye Serum”.
English website is open.
New “Skin Care Line öl” is now available from botanischöl.
We released “botanischöl”, by LoFt and BbyE.