For women of the future with dignified graciousness and class who treasure people and items as if they are in love.

The blessing of domestically grown plants which were nurtured healthily by the Japanese soil. Aroma-therapeutic cosmetic born in Japan with the nostalgic and gentle fragrance to sooth your mind. For people, for the nature, and for the future. rinRen was created in the pursuit of “real gentleness”.

With the concept of “turning what we already have into new things”, we value the “local consumption of local items” and “traceability” and use the plants nurtured in the rich soil of Japan without wasting any, to support Japan’s agriculture and contribute to the local activation. This brand assists your beauty from within by the long-held power of wisdom and plants that suit our seasons and climate. Born in 2009 and refreshed in March, 2015, rinRen has evolved into a more aromatic and truly effective product line. But the gentleness stays.

We Never Use 7 Artifical Ingredients.
Mineral oil-free, silicon-free, paraben-free, oil surfactant-free, compound perfume-free, artificial coloring-free, animal materials-free.

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