Natural health care created based
on the healing wisdom of “Ayurveda”

ABOUTAbout auromère

“auromère” is based on the holistic way of thinking rooted in Indian life.
Based on the idea of ​​Ayurveda,it has been carefully formulated
with a balanced combination of herbal extracts, spices and oils.
Use plant-derived ingredients to feel the power of natural plants that herbs have.
We carefully select materials that are kind not only to the body but also to nature.


 What’s “Ayurveda”

Ayurveda ( आयुर्वेद ), translated literally as “Life-Knowledge”,
is an ancient science of life, health, and longevity
which originated in India thousands of years ago.

In Ayurveda, balance is key.
The Ayurvedic ideal of health is a wholistic equilibrium
that includes not only the physical body,
but also a person’s emotional states, thought patterns, spiritual condition
and deeper connection to the environment and to all life.

CONCEPT 1Ayurvedic Herb Blend

Based on the wisdom of Ayurvedic,
“auromère” is carefully formulated with a combination of herbal extracts, spices and oils, and are well balanced. 
Please experience the harmony of the exquisite energy of plants.

CONCEPT 2Feature Ingredients ‟Neem”

“Neem” is known as a representative plant in Ayurveda.
In India, it is called a village pharmacy.
It has been used as a medicinal herb for about 4,000 years.
The oil from seeds, leaves and bark has an anti-bacterial action and is applied to skin diseases.
Flowers are used as a medicine for indigestion.
The twig is a toothbrush instead Use as.
Every part is medicinal.

CONCEPT 3Natural & Ethical

“auromère” is excluding the chemical component as much as possible.
We also consider the global environment and fair trade.
No use of animal ingredients / Cruelty-free.
So you can use it with confidence even for vegans.
It is a “Natural & Ethical” brand that makes things friendly
to people, the environment and society.


✓dyes or bleaches / GMO/ Paraben / gluten

※ We have acquired Green America “Green Business Certificat” GOLD certification as a business that has a positive impact on society and the environment.
※ “Reaping Bunny” certification has been obtained indicating that the product has not been tested animals

CONCEPT 4Ayurvedic Life Style

“auromère” is run by nonprofit organization Integral Yoga Ashram in Northern California.
Ayurveda’s traditional healing wisdom delivers harmony with the mind, body and nature to the lives of today’s fast-changing people

LINE UPMain products

Herbal Toothpaste

“auromère Herbal Toothpaste” is made from more than 20 herbs.
It contains a neem, which is called natural preservative, and a peel, which is said to have a natural whitening effect.
It does not use chemicals such as parabens, fluorides, artificial sweeteners.

Herbal Soap Bar

"auromère Herbal Soap Bar"is handmade by blending 18 kinds of herbs. It is blended with organic neem and thick coconut oil extracted by cold press. It is a lineup of three types that can be selected by Dosha and skin quality.

Herbal Mouthwash

"auromère Herbal Mouthwash" made from 22 kinds of herbal extracts and 6 kinds of natural essential oils, which are also used in Indian traditional medicine "Ayurveda". We do not use artificial sweeteners and synthetic flavors. It is a blend of six natural oils. A refreshing and slightly sweet flavor with a botanical extract.

* The constitution of the three (VATA / PITTA / KAPHA) that is central to Ayurvedic theory

SHOPHandling Store

*Not available in all shops
・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


3 different soap bar from auromère are now available.
3 different toothpastes from auromère are now available.