Formulated with over 20 Herbs and Spices
Your 3-times-a-day Ayurvedic Ritual

ABOUTAbout auromere

“Auromere” – the brand developed on the holistic view of life that is embedded in Indian lives.
The toothpaste from Auromere is made with the natural botanical power herbs were born with.
This herbal toothpaste is carefully delivered to you from Auromere Ayurvedic Imports that values harmonized ayurvedic life for mind and body where appreciation of daily life is the foundation.

8 Promises

  • ×Fluoride
  • ×Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • ×Artificial sweetener
  • ×Genetically modified ingredients
  • ×Artificial colorants
  • ×Paraben
  • ×Gluten
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Animal testing

CONCEPT 1Formulated with over 20 Herbs and Spices

Auromere toothpaste was born after a careful study of combination of over 20 different kind of herbs, plants, roots and flowers. Its main ingredients are “Neem” called also as “pharmacy of the village” and “Peelu” known also as “toothbrush tree”. Experience 3 times a day Ayurvedic ritual and feel your mouth squaky clean after every use.

CONCEPT 2Switch Your Daily Oral Care Habit into a Natural One

Inside of your mouth is covered by a membrane and is much more sensitive and delicate than skin. We are dedicated to deliver a natural formulation without using chemical ingredients such as fluoric substance, paraben and artificial sweetener, to promise safety even for children and expectant mothers.

LINE UPMain products

Herbal Toothpaste Fresh mint

The cool flavor of natural mint refreshes your mouth and gives the clear breath. Your mouth will be filled with the fresh and clean scent.

Herbal Toothpaste Original

The mild and gentle flavor is accentuated by the subtly sweet and fresh licorice that everybody in your family can use.

Herbal Toothpaste Mint free

The pungent and spicy flavor leaves the clean finish after brushing. You can enjoy the flavor even if you do not like mints.

Herbal Toothpaste Travel set

A set of a toothbrush and a 30g Auromere toothpaste. It is a travel kit in a portable case to bring to your office or to your travel destinations.

SHOPHandling Store

*Not available in all shops
・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


3 different toothpastes from Auromere are now available.