Brown Sugar 1ST

Vegan Cosmetic Line

with Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

ABOUTAbout Brown Sugar 1ST. Vegan Cosmetics

“Brown Sugar 1st” carefully selects ingredients based on “Do you want your baby to eat?”
And has a policy of creating a rich future of food while preserving important nature.
Vegan cosmetics line using “brown sugar 1st.” organic extra virgin coconut oil.


“Brown Sugar 1ST”does not use refined and inexpensive RBD coconut oil (Refined, Bleached, Deodrized).
We use natural, high quality oil (= Virgin Coconuts Oil) to keep the sebum in its original condition and keep the skin healthy.
I want to stick to the quality what is put on the skin.
Since its release, “Brown Sugar 1ST “uses plenty of organic extra virgin coconut oil that has been refined without compromise.
 A vegan cosmetic packed with the blessings of nature has been completed.


"Free" of following ingredients

  • ×Animal ingredients
  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×petroleum surfactant agent
  • ×Silicon
  • ×Paraben
  • ×ethanol
  • ×Artificial fragrance 
  • ×Artificial colors
No animal experiments

Use “Brown Sugar 1ST” Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

“Brown Sugar1ST’s Vegan Cosmetic Line” is formulated with organic extra virgin coconut oil.
Prepare a well-balanced skin condition and keep it healthy.


“Brown Sugar 1ST” organic extra virgin coconut oil*1  has been found locally by Midori Ogino,
president of “brown Sugar 1ST”, and has been researching the quality
without any compromise since its release.
It is made using fresh coconut endosperm and extracts the oil by centrifugation.*2
It is a natural and gentle scent of real coconut oil.
We pray that every time you use it, you can imagine the faces of the producers,
their regions and the earth they nurture.

* 1 Organic JAS · USDA Certified Organic / In August 2018, won two stars ★ ★ at the “Great Taste Food Award 2018”, a world-class food and food conference famous for its food.
* 2 Extraction method that can make highly fresh oil



Brown Sugar 1ST’s Vegan Cosmetic Line does not use animal ingredients or unnecessary synthetic ingredients for your skin.

 ×Animal raw material ×Mineral oil ×Petroleum-based surfactant ×Silicon ×Paraben ×Ethanol ×Synthetic flavoring agent ×Synthetic coloring agent
※ Animal experiments are not conducted

”Do you want your baby to use?”

What is made of safe and secure ingredients is good for the skin of me and my baby.
From raw materials grown in the field to touching the skin of a child, we consider traceability carefully and make products.
We performed allergy test and patch test.

Make organic more familiar

Feel free to pick up organic hand in hand.
The package is designed to make you feel like you want to pick it up.
For moms with children and girls who take organic cosmetics for the first time.


LINE UPMain products

Brown Sugar 1ST
Oil Balm

We use Brown sugar 1ST's extra virgin organic coconut oil. A multi-use oil balm made with a simple recipe. It stretches well, smooth and familiar, and leads to smooth and smooth skin.

* Patch test, allergy tested

SHOPHandling Store

*Not available in all shops
・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


Vegan Cosmetic Line using "Brown Sugar First" Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, launched on September 12, 2019