Clean Beauty Cosmetics
by Chiaki Yoshikawa

ABOUTAbout flor

”Wishing to Let All Women Flourish”

Directed by Chiaki Yoshikawa, the authority of the natural beauty care. Leveraging the power of female hormones, this brand of the clean beauty cosmetics protects, restore and regenerate the affected skin by the change in hormonal balance for the perfect anti-age beauty regimen.

Director Chiaki Yoshikawa

Botanical Beauty Care Expert/Beauty Counselor/Flor Brand Director, “The ultimate beauty is the gift of the power of the nature and plants,” Chiaki has been presenting the natural and beautiful lifestyle involving the beauty care, healthy food, Chinese herbal medicine, women’s healthcare and more. Advocate of organic cosmetics and botanical beauty care in Japan since 1990s, she is known as the authority of the natural beauty care.

"Free" of following ingredients

  • ×Silicon
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Artificial colors
  • ×Synthetic preservatives
  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×UV absorber
  • ×Animal ingredients

CONCEPT1Calendula grown by the biodynamic farming

Calendula has soothed the troubled skin of Chiaki Yoshikawa for so many time, thus is the key plant ingredient she just could not leave out.

Our calendula is grown by the trailblazer of organic farmers in Ueda, Nagano, using the pinnacle of organic farming methods – the “biodynamic farming”.

This plant has been known as the medicinal herb since old days, and prized for its therapeutic property in Europe.
It soothes eczema and inflammation to calm/soften the skin, and has excellent antibacterial, sterilizing and antioxidating efficacies.

The biodynamic farming is a sustainable and mysterious form of farming method, drawn from the concept of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. On top of being pesticide- and chemical fertilizer-free, it uses nine preparations including natural herbs, mineral, and livestock to activate the soil and sows/harvests in accordance with the celestial rhythm. This method treasures the harmony with the nature including the outer space. Plants grown by this method have high level of energy as well as overall quality, thus it is considered as the pinnacle of organic farming.

CONCEPT2Formulated with energizing agents of natural origin

In ancient time, the beauty care was closely connected to the medical treatment. Cosmetics were considered as the remedy to keep the skin healthy and repair the problems. Nurtured over the long period of time, the blessing of the great nature is filled with vital energy.

CONCEPT3Be honest to what your five senses feel and suggest

We want all women to take care of their skin every single day. When they do so, we wish to make them feel totally refreshed to the bottom of their soul with the skincare products. And we hope to provide the products to give them confidence they deserve. Meticulously orchestrating the design, in-use feel, efficacy as well as scent to make the daily skincare practice fun, we have created the products to satisfy the self-indulging desires of women. Especially important was the “scent” as it can determine the “like/dislike” in a heartbeat. Chiaki Yoshikawa, the certified aromatherapy instructor, personally blended all our scents. Pamper yourself with the comfort and happiness to be embraced in the elegant scent Japanese women will find resonating.

LINE UPMain products


All-purpose gel-cream to make your skin resistant to the imbalance of female hormones and radiant from within.


Sweet and smoky scent with dimension. It deeply moisturizes to turn your skin superbly hydrated.

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“Flor”:New creation by Chiaki Yoshikawa. Coming on May 23th, 2020.