Oriental herb tea.
Original blend based on “Theory of Five Elements”, natural philosophy from ancient China.

ABOUTAbout Five Elements

Oriental herb tea.
Original blend based on “Theory of Five Elements”, natural philosophy from ancient China. Choose from 5 different types to meet your needs of the moment to feel harmony and peace from plants.

Elegant packaging designed by KEITA MARUYAMA.

The “Theory of Five Elements” states that the change in nature and environment can be classified into five elements of “wood, fire, earth, metal and water”, all of which affect one another. This theory can be directly applied to the body organs (five organs) and spirit (five emotion) of human beings.

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Five Elements
Wood -Moku-

If you are concerned over stress and eye fatigue

Morning: For the unconstrained and comfortable start of the day
Spring: For the stressful season with environmental changes

Five Elements
Fire -Ka-

If you do not get enough of quality sleep

Noon: To rocket-start the afternoon
Summer: To condition your internal system against the heat

Five Elements
Earth -Do-

If you have problem with your digestive system

Afternoon: When you feel tired and want something sweet
Turn of seasons: When your digestive system is prone to fatigue

Five Elements
Metal -Kon-

If you are conscious about skin problems

Evening: Take a deep breath in the early evening to relax when the fatigue of the day accumulates
Fall: When the skin-stressing dryness is evident

Five Elements
Water -Sui-

If you are conscious about swelling and aging

Night: When you want to balance your body and soul
Winter: When you are bothered by oversensitivity to cold

Five Elements Oriental Herbal Tea: Water - sui -

Available in the PET bottle with the oriental flower prints, designed by a fashion designer Keita Maruyama, for your casual and convenient quenching experience.

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“Five Elements Oriental Herbal: Water - sui -“, the perfect marriage of Oriental and Western herbs, is now available in PET bottles.
Launched "Five Elements Tea", the oriental herb tea brand based on the "Theory of Five Elements", the natural philosophy from ancient China.