The blessing of plants shows off your beauty
Natural Complex Care Brand


The brand name “TSUKIBAE” comes from a Japanese word meaning an object looking even more beautiful in the moonlight. Just like the name suggests, this Natural Complex Care Brand helps every woman to look even more beautiful.
The blessing of plants takes care of you skin concerns while the 100% natural aroma softly embrace you.

"Free" of following ingredients

  • ×Paraben
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Artificial colors
  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×Silicon
  • ×Ethanol

LINE UPMain products

TSUKIBAE Handcream
Beautifying Correction*

Just the quick application of this hand cream with Beautifying Correction* function will cover the wrinkles and unevenness of your hands and fingers to brighten up the skin tone to beautify.
The purple hand cream with the hint of pearly shine adds the healthy color to your hands, leaving them radiant. Scented with glamourous rose.

TSUKIBAE Handcream
UV Protection

This SPF18 hand cream is UV-absorber free yet effectively protects your hands from the harmful UV ray.
Highly spreadable and fresh in texture, it protects your hands from the UV rays and dryness without leaving the sticky sensation. Scented with fresh yuzu citrus.

TSUKIBAE Handcream
Intensive Hydration

Formulated with argan oil and apricot oil, this rich-textured hand cream intensively hydrates your hands.
Perfect during the daytime, and great for covering the chappy hands during your sleep to prevent the further dryness. Scented with soothing lavender.

*Due to the makeup effect

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Introducing “TSUKIBAE”, the natural complex care brand