For sustainable society.
BbyE promotes environmental protection and social contribution projects.


Sponsorship of Ocean’s Love

Since 2012, MAMA BUTTER is a official sponsor for Non Profit Organization “Ocean’s Love”, being inspired by its vision to create the field of social understanding and communication for children with disabilities using the power of nature, in this case, ocean and waves. Part of the profit from “UV Care Lip Treatment” is donated to “Ocean’s Love” activities.

Supporting Africa with shea butter

The fair trade created by the production of shea butter used in MAMA BUTTER, supports women in Africa with sustainable job. Their stable job create better lives and education for children and this promotes development of the society. We also promote using machines in what used to be all hand production for a better work environment where water and energy supplies are stable.

Supporting agriculture in Japan

BbyE uses Japan made materials to promote traceability and local production. Ingredients with a visibility of the producer does not only provide safety but adds another value to ingredients themselves and this helps promote agriculture all over Japan. rinRen uses the skin of Yuzu that are otherwise to be wasted, and NEROLILA Botanica uses oranges to promote revitalizing the abandoned land, medel uses rice to promote domestic production that decreases each year. These are one of the examples of the activities that we believe in to create sustainable society for nature and human living in harmony.

Supporting quality literacy education for children in Asia

Under its vision that “Education of children can change the world”, International NGO “room to read” focuses on eliminating the gender difference in the education of literacy for children, spreading its activities over 10 countries in Asia and Africa. We support “room to read” activities to promote school and library construction by our donation since 2013.

Donation to institute for children with intellectual disabilities.

Sumire-en is an institute where nearly 30 boys and girls live together. They go do school, engage in various daily activities together to grow with the experience to become an independent adult not disadvantaged by their disabilities. We donate our product to Sumire-en.


Supporting Japanese Agriculture

Part of the profit of rinRen is donated to a NPO Environmental Relations, that works on plantation activities with its theme “make our earth a forest in the future!” and to involve as many people as possible into this eco friendly action. This project called “present tree” needs support not only in planting the trees but also for all the activities needed to keep them healthy after plantation. We would like to give as much support as possible to their activities through our donation to promote forestation and environmental protection.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

Donating the relief supplies to the Great East Japan Earthquake victims

donated 19,584 pieces of MAMABUTTER to the great east earthquake victims in need. (April, 2011)

Donation to the Great East Japan Earthquake victims

donated a part of our profit (500 yen per designated set of certain brand) through NPO charity platform.

Donating the relief supplies to the Kumamoto Earthquake victims

donated 700 pieces of MAMA BUTTER products and 158 MY HABIT products to the people of affected area. Our CEO personally made a visit to the area delivering the products to Minamiaso Village in Kumamoto. (May, 2016)

Social Participation

Participation to “Ocean’s Love” surf lessons

Our staff participate as volunteer to the surf lesson held by “Ocean’s Love” every year.

Collection of caps of plastic bottles.

As a part of our CSR action, we separate PET bottle caps when discarding. This initiative can help reduce the CO2 emission by recycling the caps, and also supports the job creation for the disabled and various recycling programs through donation to NPO ECOCAP Promotion Association (since 2014).