Gift of beauty from botanical blessings.
We discover, extract, renew and deliver
the power of plants.
Nourish our life, together with nature.


  • The wonder of mother earth has nurtured over our history.
    We are committed to deliver into your life the blessings of this mother nature and pour the power of plants into each and every product.

  • Safety is our top priority as our products are used directly onto the skin and taken into the body system.
    Selecting ingredients with visible producers, clear traceability,
    we dedicate ourselves to create high quality products.

  • The real comfort is what we strive to offer. Selecting the ingredients carefully and strictly, we make the best use out of the natural ingredients without relying on any chemical substances.

    1. ×Silicone
    2. ×Artificial fragrance
    3. ×Artificial colors
    1. ×Mineral oil
    2. ×Paraben
    3. ×UV absorber
    4. ×Animal ingredients*
  • To protect abundant nature that we must pass on to our children, we support activities for our environment and social responsibility to promote sustainable society where both supplier and users are happy.

  • We are committed to avoid any and all animal tests from the planning phase to the launch of products.**

*Any ingredients obtained by killing animals
**Except when we are obliged to fulfil our accountability to the society or required by the authority.


I came into the world of plants when I myself was suffering various allergies and gynecological disorders. I was much impressed by its power and decided to found BbyE to share my experience and passion.

True health of body and mind comes from a harmonized lifestyle.

This has been the fundamental message of our concept shop SINCERE GARDEN. Staring from an awareness that what we eat is who we are, I created a space to offer a total care for the body from inside and out.

At the time when I launched SINCERE GARDEN, natural cosmetics were considered luxury. MAMA BUTTER was launched to offer a natural product accessible to every family.

Most of the aromatherapy cosmetics back then also were from abroad. In my wish to create the aromatherapy products derived from the plants of Japan theming on local production, rinRen was born.

Today our brand portofolio has grown wide enough to offer different products suited for various lifestyles.

All these started from my sincere wish to deliver the wonderful world of plants nurtured by soil, sun, wind and water of our world, and to create products that would become part of any life stage of any woman.

Paying respect to the nature, taking much care to develop the social framework where all people, both users and producers, will be happy, I wish to pass on to our children and to our future this beautiful power of plants.

I commit myself to communicate and share a tender and beautful lifestyle with nature where making plants part of our life is just a beginning.

BbyE Corporation CEOEmi Sugitani


2004. 12
BbyE Corporation was Founded.
2006. 10
Concept shop “SINCERE GARDEN” opens to offer lifestyle with organics.
2006. 10
“Five Elements Tea”, oriental herb tea with the concept based on the theory of five elements, natural philosophy from ancient China.
2007. 02
“MAMA BUTTER”, skincare brand formulated with shea butter for everyday use and every family.
2009. 09
“rinRen”, hair care line theming on blessings of Japanese plants from Japanese soil.
2011. 11
“bb maman”, caffeine-free herb tea to support a happy pregnancy.
2014. 03
“medel natural”, total care line from ceramide of Japanese rice.
2014. 09
“MY HABIT”, 100% natural self and home-care line.
2014. 11
“botanischöl”, total care line produced by LOFT x SINCERE GARDEN
2015. 02
“PAPA BUTTER”, mens line of “MAMA BUTTER”
2015. 05
“VEGE KITCHEN”, 100% plant derived F&B brand.
2016. 02
“LORE”, body care line theming on inherited traditions and wisdom.
2016. 10
“NEROLILA Botanica” by Kazuko Hayasaka x SINCERE GARDEN.
2017. 03
“toe toe”, natural foot care line.
2017. 09
“Lecura”, baby skincare line without 27 allergic ingredients.
2018. 04
“auromère”, natural health care created based on the healing wisdom of Ayurveda.
2018. 11
“TSUKIBAE”, the natural complex care brand.
2019. 07
2019. 09
“BROWN SUGAR 1ST”, the Vegan Cosmetics Line.


Company Name
BbyE Corporation
Feliz Minami Aoyama 201,
4-12-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0062, JAPAN
December 24, 2004
Board Members
CEO : Emi Sugitani
Fiscal Term
End of April

Cosmetics, Apparel Planning, Manufacture, Buying, Vendor

Consulting and planning for spas and relaxation salons

Planning, production, procurement, sales of food/beverage

Store Location
Takano Building B1F-2F, 3-5-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN
Bank of Account
Mizuho Bank Aoyama Branch