Gentle for my skin and for my family.
Body care from the wisdom of plants.


LORE traditions wisdom of plants. The knowledge of grandma always helped our little skin troubles like rash and atopies. Plants such as aloe, mugwort and houttuynia taken from our garden or forest nearby was her medicine for us.

LORE is a gentle body care brand and we treasure such tradition of Japan that served generations of our family.


  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×alcohol*
  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×Animal ingredients
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Artificial colors
  • ×Silicone
  • ×Paraben


CONCEPT 1Formulated with 10 Kinds of Herbs

Richly formulated with 10 herbs of Japanese tradition to meet different needs for skin. Refreshing Green Forest is formulated with 10 herbs such as Houttuynia and peach leaf extract known to ease troubles of mixture skin. Hydrating Citrus Orchard contains another 10 herbs such as mugwort and aloe to moisture dry skin.

CONCEPT 2100% Botanical Scent

2 lines to choose from for skin types and scents . Enjoy healing moment for your skin with our original blend inspired by forest and orchard.

CONCEPT 3Safe and Assuring Ingredients

Because we want to assure the safety of the product, we have decided not to use the eight synthetic ingredients and conducted the allergy test*.

*Does not guarantee that the products do not cause allergic reaction to all users.

LINE UPMain products

Body Soap

Made from all natural cleansing agents. Soap based formula with gentle lather.

Soap Bar

Made from all natural cleansing agents. Bar soap with gentle lather.

Body Mist

All natural plant base scents. Refreshing and hydrating body mist.

UV Care

2 different scent and texture for your UV care.

SHOPHandling Store

*Not available in all shops
・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


UV protection products from LORE are newly launched.
English website is open.