For people, nature and our future

ABOUTAbout rinRen

Caring ourselves and our nature with love
Carrying elegance and grace
For women of our future

Blessings of Japanese plants grown on rich soil of Japan
Gentle fragrance reaching all senses to unleash the soul
Ethical hair care born in Japan

rinRen was born in search for the “true gentleness”
For people, nature and our future

8 Additive-free

  • ×Sulfate
  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×Silicone
  • ×Paraben
  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Artificial colors
  • ×Animal ingredients*

* pearl extract is a natural ingredient collected from pearl layer inside akoya pearl oyster

Plant-derived ingredients from Japan 

Japanese plant was the answer to our long search for the true gentleness
Blessings of the plants grown with love
together with our antient seasonal and regional wisdom
Leading to healthy hair and scalp

Using plants grown on the rich soil of Japan
Thoroughly with care
Putting importance on local consumption and traceability
We commit ourselves in supporting local farmers and revitalization of the community


Sahime Rose from Izumo, Shimane

The roses grown with organic fertilizer and no pesticides are safe to be edible and are characterized by its fruity and elegant fragrance. The rich scent of rose water extracted from hand-picked roses is exceptional.

Tsubaki from Kakara Island, Saga

Located on the northern most part of Saga, Kakara island grows more than 45000 wild Tsubaki (camellia) and is known as Island of Camellia. After being extracted by cold press, oil is filtered 3 times for highest purity.

Yuzu from Kitamura, Kochi

Trees that are more than 100 years old and have grown from its seed are found in this area. Good water draining characteristics of the local soil and the temperature difference during the day makes a beautifully round Yuzu that bears abundant oil for essential oils.

Japanese Mint from Takinoue, Hokkaido

Grown without pesticide and fertilizer, Japanese mint “Hokuto” from Sabadei farm in Hokkaido is characterized by its high menthol percentage reaching 70%, and its wild yet rich fragrance.

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[NEW] rinRen

For dry and frizzy hair

☑for frizzy volume hair
☑for damage and dryness

[NEW] rinRen

For volume
Body, smoothness

☑for thin hair
☑for volume and body
☑for easily tangled hair


Condition scalp
For volume

☑for lost body
☑dandruff and itchiness
☑oily scalp and odor

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“Hair Care Series” from rinRen is renewed and available now.