Start Your Organic Treatment from the Toe
Foot care with 100% Natural Aroma

ABOUTAbout toe toe

The natural foot care brand to take care of your foot needs with 100% natural aroma extract.

Formulated with organic rosemary extract with the antibacterial and astringent properties, it keeps your feet comfortable with the power of plants.  

8 Additive-free

  • ×Mineral oil
  • ×Animal ingredients
  • ×Artificial fragrance
  • ×Artificial colors
  • ×Paraben
  • ×Oil surfactant
  • ×Silicon

CONCEPT 1Formulated with Organic Rosemary

Formulated with the rosemary extract with the organic certification. It has been known for ages for its antibacterial and astringent properties and used for various purposes including skin care. The power of botanical ingredient will keep your skin clean with no stress.

CONCEPT 2100% Natural Aroma

This refreshingly fragrant blend of tea tree – the plant used as the sterilizer/deodorant in the aromatherapy from old days, with lemon and lavender has been supervised by the therapist at the “Sincere Garden”, the organic aromatherapy spa in Kita-aoyama, Tokyo.

CONCEPT 3Product Line-up for Different Concerns

Formulated with the botanical ingredients which are gentle to your skin, a wide range of products are available from this line to cater your different foot care needs including foot odor, steamy feel and dead cell removal.

LINE UPMain products

toe toe
Refreshing Foot Spray

Spray anytime anywhere over the sweaty feet. Smoothing powder leaves your feet dry. Refreshing natural aroma

toe toe
Refreshing Foot Powder

To fight foot odor you want to keep hidden. Sweat- and humidity-absorbing foot powder to keep your feet dry for a long time. Refreshing natural aroma.

toe toe
Silken Foot Soap

A scrub soap formulated with Persian walnut kernel grains. It removes the dead skin cells while cleaning your feet. Your feet will be beautifully silky.

toe toe
Smoothing Foot Scrub

This melty scrub paste contains two different sizes of salt grains. It thoroughly removes the disturbing dead skin cells at the heels and between toes. Your feet will be nice and smooth. Freshly scented with the natural aroma.

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・Different sets of products are available at different shops.・Please directly contact the shop for the available products and their inventory.・Only some stores are posted.


Launching two dead cell removers and the foot refreshing sheet.
New from toe toe -“Warming Foot Gel ” and “Softening Foot Cream”on October 10.
Natural foot care brand “toe toe” making its debut